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How LED Street Lighting Has Been Shown To Cut City Crime

Outdoor LED lighting projects have many benefits. See how LED street lighting has been shown to reduce crime in cities in our municipal street lighting blog.

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6 Things You Should Know About Street Light Poles

LED lighting is a popular choice for municipal lighting projects and outdoor lighting design.

Forecasting the Future of Municipal LED Lighting

Decorative lighting poles and outdoor street lighting are being retrofitted to LEDs, and for good reason. Our blog explores the future of LED lighting.

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10 Easy Ways to Save Energy Over The Holidays

These energy saving tips can help you enjoy the holidays without worrying about your festive lighting projects costing you an arm and a leg.

Why Is Outdoor LED Municipal Lighting So Popular?

Street lighting and parking lot lighting is an important part of municipal spending. As LED lights increase in popularity, more and more cities are making the switch. See why LED lighting in California and Nevada is so popular.

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