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3 Reasons LED Lighting Is the Best Choice for Parking Structures

Municipal LED Street Lighting That Work Better

As far as parking lot illumination is concerned, you have to implement a system that accommodates vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The lighting must also withstand harsh environments and take into account public safety. Unlike the usual LED roadway lighting, LED parking lights are normally mounted on ceilings, soffits or hung by their pendants. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. In this, we discuss three reasons why LED lighting is the perfect choice for parking spaces.

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5 Game Changing Municipal LED Renovation Trends

Why LED Lighting for Municipalities is a Popular Choice

Sure, switching out to LED bulbs in your favorite lamps makes good sense, but where does LED lighting have the most impact? LED is viable for many practical applications and uses, especially municipal and community lighting projects. Some of the reasons for the evolution toward decorative LED street lighting include:

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LED Lighting Distribution Types and Benefits

Important Outdoor LED Lighting Information to Consider

Municipal LED street lighting California

An outdoor LED lighting solution can provide energy efficiency and brilliant light for many different settings. Before investing in this technology, however, Bay Area companies and municipalities should take the time to understand the distribution types. Review and understand these before pitching any stakeholders or investing in LED solutions for your outdoor space:

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DOE Publishes 2014 LED and OLED Manufacturing Roadmap

LED Lighting Research & Development Updates from the Department of Energy


In August, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published its 2014 Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing R&D Roadmap. This report addressed developments and issues in the production of LED and OLED lighting, such as: Continue reading

Advantages of LED Parking Lot Lighting

Why All Parking Lots Should Have LED Lighting

green outdoor lighting California

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If you’re exploring an LED street lighting solution for your business or searching for LED outdoor lighting to assist with your city’s planning, you’ve likely been having the “what do we do about the parking lot?” conversation a lot recently. Continue reading

How “Green” is LED Lighting?

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Safe LED Lighting

green outdoor lighting CaliforniaWhether you’re a municipal official researching outdoor LED landscape lighting for a park in your town, or a Vice President of a corporation planning an energy efficient lighting schema, you’ve probably heard a lot of “good things” about LEDs. But how much of the discussion is hype? How much actual research and science can back up the now-conventional belief that LED lighting = “green lighting”? Continue reading

Using LED Lighting in Building Renovations

How to Retrofit Your Building With LED Lighting

decorative-LED-street-lightingWhether you’re researching decorative LED lighting as you’re leading up to remodeling or leasing out a Bay Area condominium; or exploring outdoor LED landscape lighting solutions for a municipality, you might be surprised by the interesting ways that you can use LED lighting in building renovations. Continue reading

LED Lighting – Huge Benefits for California Businesses

How CA & NV Businesses are Saving With LED Lighting


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