Smart Lighting Research Contributes to High-Quality LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Roadway Lighting Continues to Advance, Reducing Demand for Power


The lighting industry evolves continuously, always seeking new ways to lower costs, reduce energy consumption and provide better lighting quality. Evolution in lighting design is the result of ongoing research designed to find the optimal solution to lighting and energy conservation, from energy-efficient LED street lighting to smart outdoor control systems that turn on only when needed.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Lighting Design
These include:

  • Lower emissions worldwide.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Decreased cost for the user.
  • Better visibility and safety.

In the past, outdoor lights were often left on even when no one was around. Today, however, new technologies are changing the game – for instance, LED roadway lighting that activates only when roads are in use is being explored as a possibility, in this scenario the lights would illuminate ahead of passing vehicles and shut off when no vehicles are in the area.

Even though our industry has made significant progress, research continues in hopes of improving efficiency even further and getting even more creative. For instance, experts anticipate that designers will soon be able to install LED outdoor lighting in any location without worrying about coal reliant energy sources being used to power them. Welcome to the future, where we will see a transition away from green house gas emitting power sources and a trend toward renewable green energies.

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