5g Poles Offer Cites a Bright Future

Smart cell poles are changing the way that people live. The benefits of small cell poles and small cell 5g are perhaps best demonstrated by cities in California that have adopted this technology in municipalities across the state. Take a look at Smart Cells in California to see the huge benefits that smart cell poles offer:

Smarter Cities Across the Map
Traditional cities are becoming smart cities by adopting smart cells that enhance the existing wireless network and connectivity in a particular region or locale. The effects are noticeably faster and more intuitive than conventional cell towers. One of the advantages of these smaller cellular antennas is that they are compact and able to be customized to the structure or entity that they are attached to, such as streetlights and poles.

Smarter is Safer
This flexibility provides a technological snapshot of a specific spot at-a-glance, reducing manpower and increasing public safety. Residents will notice faster wireless connectivity speeds. Also, smart cells provide a larger capacity for networking. This makes streaming videos, watching movies, and doing work faster, and more convenient- especially in areas where traditional cellular towers may not be viable or pragmatic.

A Smarter Future
When discussing the potential of small cells and smart cell poles, the future looks very bright. California has seen the adoption of 5g and many residents can attest to the perks it brings, from faster wireless speeds to improved streetlights in their neighborhoods and communities. Smart cells provide a glimmer of hope for tomorrow, including future technologies and innovations, like 5g connected vehicles! The reduction in manpower that smart cells promise ensures less money maintaining towns and cities, which could bring big improvements to infrastructure.

Learn More About Smart Cell 5g in California

The outlook for smart cell poles is great, and Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, has their finger on the pulse of this broadband infrastructure. To learn more about the many perks of LED lighting and how it can benefit your business or property, contact us here today.