New Li-Fi System That’s 100x Faster Than Wi-Fi

LiFi system faster than WiFi

Recently, researchers revealed a new and updated Li-Fi system that is 100 times faster than conventional Wi-Fi.

According to reports, the new this new system utilizes harmless infrared rays in order to produce a more stable and secure wireless connection that boasts of speeds of around 42.8 Gbps covering a distance of approximately 2.5 meters.

As one can see, such a system is set to be rather dramatic improvement from the traditional Wi-Fi, which in most scenarios tops out at around 200 Mb/s. Unfortunately, consumers will have to wait at least five years before they can easily access it this new system.

How Lighting Technology Works

Directed infrared rays
The new version of the Li-Fi system utilizes light antennas in order to transmit and emit wireless data. Each antenna comprises of a set of gratings that are rather capable of radiating light rays from an optical fiber at different angles and wavelengths. They also tend to be very precise when it comes to directing light rays from an optical fiber. With such a platform, eliminating any sort of system interference becomes rather easy.

The antennas can be mounted up on the ceiling. The good thing is that even if you move outside the parameters of a particular light antenna, you will still find yourself within the radius of another.

Another good thing about this new system is that even by placing additional devices on a single antenna, it will still be able to operate normally given the fact that each device has a unique wavelength. This basically means that a connection is not shared between two devices, thereby helping to prevent common problems such as congestion and slow connectivity, all of which are closely associated with regular Wi-Fi systems. This is because the utilized a set of gratings that can handle a host of rays and devices simultaneously.

Future prospects
The new system promises to work in such a way that will improve connectivity in all sectors. It will also be able to deliver a wide range of Li-Fi benefits, some of which include heightened security and efficiency. These advancements will have a large impact on lighting design. According to proponents of the new system, people can expect this technology to be fully integrated into the consumer market in the next five or so years. However, at this moment, researchers continue with various projects on how to improving this unique indoor wireless system that will one day change the face of fiber connections as we know it.

With the ways things are going, the world has become a global market, and people will need a better, more effective and stable platform for staying connected.

The Future of LED Lighting Projects

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