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Should you invest in an outdoor LED lighting project for your city or corporation? Will switching away from your current lighting scheme lead to enhanced safety… or more crime?

Compelling new research suggests that municipal LED street lighting actually reduces crime. For instance, an international study recently examined crime statistics in several major cities that made the switch from traditional lighting to LEDs. The results suggested that LED-lit areas saw a net crime reduction.

Meanwhile, out in the UK, the Dorset City Council recently decided to switch the town of Dorset over to LED lighting. At first, local citizens worried that the move would expose people to harm. But data collected by the Dorset police found that the new LED lighting scheme was quite safe. The police chief noted: “I am pleased to say that we have found out that there has been no link to an increase in crime, which I hope will offer… reassurance to residents.”

For another example, consider what’s happening in Oakland, California, where city officials are currently converting 30,000 sodium cobra-head streetlights into LED lights. Authorities made the move following a very successful pilot program. The conversion will make Oakland one of the first big cities in the U.S. to “go LED” on a wide scale. Larry Reid, an Oakland city councilman said: “The LEDs will make an incredible amount of difference because the bad guys will have second thoughts about committing crimes here, because it’s more likely that they will be seen.”

Constituents agree that better lighting in Oakland is sorely needed. One woman observed that MacArthur Boulevard “really has to be brightened up.” Desley Brooks, a councilwoman who represents East Oakland, said: “The community is just too dark and has insufficient street lighting.” Hopefully, the LED change will make a significant difference for Oakland.

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