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What to Expect from LED Street Light Projects in the Coming Year

Cities across the world are replacing street lights with smart LED outdoor lighting. Municipal LED streetlighting is improving cities in California and beyond.

Discover the Financial, Environmental, and Health Benefits of LED Lighting

Lighting is perhaps one of the most underrated utilities. Learn more about the financial, environmental and health benefits of LED lighting.


How and Why Maintaining Your Light Poles is Better For Business

The effects of corrosion, vibration, winds, and the outdoor environment will undermine the structural integrity of your light poles over time.

Municipal LED street lighting

Intelligent Street Lights Power Future of Smart Cities

The implementation of LED street lighting in California is showing a viable change in the municipal districts that adopt smart lighting.

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3 Reasons LED Lighting Is the Best Choice for Parking Structures

Municipal LED Street Lighting That Work Better As far as parking lot illumination is concerned, you have to implement a system that accommodates vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The lighting must also withstand harsh environments and take into account public safety. Unlike the usual LED roadway lighting, LED parking lights are normally mounted on ceilings, soffits … continue reading » “3 Reasons LED Lighting Is the Best Choice for Parking Structures”

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