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How are Cities Deploying 5G Poles?

The technology mounted in municipal LED street lighting poles is improving cities so drastically that municipalities are scrambling to retrofit their outdoor LED lights.

What Makes a Smart City Actually Smart

Many localities turn to LED lighting as a way to save money. But now cities are turning to LED street lighting as a way to make their city smart with smart cell poles.

Great Basin Lighting Now Offers CREE-Roadway and Utility Lighting

The team at Great Basin Lighting is proud to be partnered with CREE-Roadway and Utility Lighting! Contact us for more information on CREE LED street lighting.

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LEDs Are Improving Cities One Light at a Time

Cities across the U.S. and California are choosing LED street lighting as an alternative to sodium-vapor lamps. We explore the reasons why in our new blog post.

Valmont Product Spotlight: Outdoor Lighting Project in Campbell, CA

Valmont and Great Basin Lighting have teamed up on this outdoor LED lighting project in Campbell, CA, adding character with these decorative lighting poles.

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