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Outdoor LED lighting

LEDs Are Improving Cities One Light at a Time

Decorative LED Street Lighting Across California

LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting choice of the future. There are many reasons to prefer LEDs over traditional high pressure sodium or mercury-vapor lamps. Some of these reasons include their energy efficient nature, their long lifespan, and their durability in rural and city landscapes. LED lights are ideal for use in streetlights virtually anywhere, and they are being used more and more commonly across the country. Continue reading

Valmont Product Spotlight: Outdoor Lighting Project in Campbell, CA

Decorative LED “Fruit Poles” Light Up Campbell

LED Lighting California

The year 2014 was a watershed moment in Campbell’s gentrification story. The city decided to introduce a new breed of decorative lighting poles that resonate with the surroundings and reflects the city’s modernistic appeal. Previous attempts yielded no fruits, but finally, when they approached Valmont Structures, they gladly took up the challenge. It was quite a unique project and required a passionate company that would take up a production assembly just for a single project. They found that passion in Great Basin Lightning and partnered with us for the outdoor LED lighting installation. Continue reading

Valmont Structures Decorative Lighting Poles on San Francisco Bay Area Bridges

Valmont LED Roadway Lighting Illuminates Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge


Valmont’s engineers recently installed lighting structures on two San Francisco Bay Area bridges: the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge. Both of these projects showcase their extraordinary outdoor lighting design capabilities. Continue reading

Cyclone Lighting’s Surprise for Fran

The Cyclone Lighting team saw Fran’s post on her personal face book page. One of their employees took the initiative to explain the situation to other employees and ask them to donate money for the research that is being done at the University of California-San Diego by Eric Adler, MD regarding Danon Disease and started a fund raiser in their office. The gentlemen’s name is Sam Wannous and he is a product buyer at Cyclone Lighting. We cannot thank him enough for he and his coworkers generosity. I called to thank the owner and President of Cyclone Lighting Mario Lemay also and he said that Sam was the one that really took the ball and ran with it and made this donation happen. (Thank you AGAIN Sam)!

We have a 13 year relationship with Cyclone Lighting and obviously it is more than just business! We are proud to be their representative and the personal bonds we also share with this great team!!

Thank You again Team Cyclone words cannot describe how much this means to us and other people and their families that are effected or have been effected by Danon Disease.

New Whatley Contemporary & Transitional Light Posts

Introducing New Styles of Decorative LED Street Lights

  • Two new styles of decorative light posts
  • Shown rendered with popular fixtures represented by our local agent
  • Xtreme durability delivered through BASF composite base covers – designed to endure the daily abuse of pedestrian traffic, landscape equipment, and sidewalk deicing salts or waterfront conditions.
  • Fiberglass or aluminum pole options – select for your environment & budget Continue reading

Valmont Appoints Great Basin Lighting, Inc.

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Valmont Industries has selected Great Basin Lighting, Inc. (GBL) to represent their complete line of Outdoor Site Lighting products. GBL has been assigned to the Northern California territory.

Valmont Industries manufactures specialty and decorative site lighting and traffic products for a variety of municipal, commercial and DOT projects. Valmont is currently supplying the custom poles and lighting fixtures for the Oakland Bay Bridge with custom manufactured lighting poles and fixtures.

Matt Burke, Valmont Industries’ Western Regional Sales Manager, states, “After a thorough search, we selected Great Basin Lighting because of their extensive experience in providing quality products and service to specifiers in the municipal and commercial sectors.”

According to Steve Cole, President of Great Basin Lighting, “The addition of Valmont Industries marks an important event in our continued growth. Their line of quality products complements our extensive offerings, and increases our value to our new and existing clients, allowing GBL to expand its growing list of product offerings into new markets.”

To learn more about GBL’s products and services, visit their website at, or call 925/240-1566 (California office) or 775/333-0900 (Nevada office).

Great Basin Lighting, Inc. Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

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Great Basin Lighting, Inc. is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. The company, a manufacturer’s representative for a growing roster of outdoor lighting products and accessories, has offices in Northern California and Nevada.

According to GBL’s President Steve Cole, “Our success over the past ten years is directly attributable to our loyal and steadily growing client base. I’d like to add that we couldn’t have achieved our current level of success without the assistance of the manufactures we represent! Their support has played a critical role in our continued growth.”

Cole adds, “The recent acquisition of several new accounts, has allowed us to add to our array of product offerings. Our aim is to continue delivering quality products and unmatched service to our clients.”

GBL represents a wide variety of outdoor lighting products and accessories from several manufacturers including LED Roadway Lighting, Cyclone Lighting, Lumi Trak, General Structures, VISCO (Nevada market) and most recently, Valmont Decorative Products.

To learn more about GBL’s product offerings and services, visit their website at or call 925/240-1566 (California office) or 775/333-0900 (Nevada office).

Pittsburg, California, installs BetaLED and Cyclone Lighting LED streetlights

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November 2, 2011

The city of Pittsburg, California, is preparing to start the second phase of a large LED streetlight conversion program* that will result in the city’s use of over 1,900 LED streetlight fixtures when the second phase of the initiative is completed.

Pittsburg established a comprehensive energy efficient streetlighting plan which set goals for effective illumination, energy efficiency, and energy cost savings. Associated with this plan, the city developed a two phase program to address conversion of traditional cobrahead streetlight fixtures and the city’s significant number of decorative fixtures. Phase one included the installation of 1,307 cobrahead LED streetlights. Phase two, which will begin soon, includes the purchase and installation of about 620 decorative LED streetlight fixtures.

“The city did extensive research and tested a large cross section of LED fixtures before committing to these projects,” said Laura Wright, administrative officer in the environmental affairs division of the city of Pittsburg. For the cobrahead replacement project, the city elected to install LED fixtures manufactured by BetaLED, a division of Ruud Lighting/Cree of Sturtevant, Wisconsin. The project was prepared and installed through the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) turnkey program and funded by combining an award from the US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program with municipal funds.

“Pittsburg currently owns and maintains about 767 decorative streetlights, one of the largest inventories of historical decorative poles and lights in the area. One of our goals is to replace the existing fixtures with LED technology and accurately assess the lighting needs in those areas served by these fixtures,” said Wright. As a result of testing and analysis, city officials concluded that some of the areas were overlit or did not have correct light distribution from the existing fixtures. This led to an elimination of some light poles and a reduction of wattage by over 50 percent. The Request for Qualifications, which was issued in August 2011, specified a fixture manufactured by Cyclone Lighting of Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada. “Because we eliminated a number of poles and fixtures and reduced the amount of energy required, we expect to save around 75 percent in energy costs with the new fixtures,” said Wright. This project, which is in the process of being awarded, is funded by a low interest loan from the California Energy Commission (CEC). The project is expected to begin in early 2012 and be full completed around April 2012.

*Great Basin Lighting worked on this project. See our photo gallery for images.