Why You Can Expect To See More Smart Cells

Installing smart cell poles in towns and cities is becoming more widespread; but what does this entail? Every municipality is different- in size and applications- but there are some common approaches to 5g deployment and retrofitting existing tech so that it is compatible with new 5g smart poles.

Standardization Keeps It Simple
Standardization for smart cell 5g applications is one common denominator. Site-by-site engineering is tough and laborious, making the process way too expensive to be pragmatic. Currently, standardization allows for fast smart cell 5g deployment- at a much lower cost. Manufacturers are heeding the call by creating components- radios, antennae, and more- that are compatible across the board.

Make It Look Good
Aesthetics make a difference. For Smart cell applications in California to be successful, they must be cohesive and complementary to the organic lay of the land. That is, you do not want eyesores like fixtures hanging here and there, or boxes and wires where they simply ought not be. Obviously, the idea of what does and does not look good will vary from resident to resident, town to town, and landscape to landscape; manufactures are currently fine tuning designs and ideas that conceal organically, so they don’t interfere with the visual beauty all around.

Collaboration is Key
Whatever steps and approaches are taken, it is integral to collaborate. Smart cities, retailers, and industry professionals need to get together and talk. Working together ensures solutions where it may seem challenging, as well as project-wide cohesion.

Lighting is a Great Start
Smart city deployment should start with something small, but significant: smart lighting solutions. Once you see the sheer magnitude of application potential possible with smart lighting, it is easier to grasp the gamut of what smart cell poles can do. Consider lighting applications on a grander scale to understand how and why this evolution makes good sense for towns and cities, globally.

Cities are Embracing 5g Small Cell Tech

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