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Outdoor LED lighting

LEDs Are Improving Cities One Light at a Time

Decorative LED Street Lighting Across California

LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting choice of the future. There are many reasons to prefer LEDs over traditional high pressure sodium or mercury-vapor lamps. Some of these reasons include their energy efficient nature, their long lifespan, and their durability in rural and city landscapes. LED lights are ideal for use in streetlights virtually anywhere, and they are being used more and more commonly across the country. Continue reading

outdoor lighting design

LED Lighting for Golf Courses and Driving Ranges

LED Outdoor Sports Lighting

The prospect of golfing at night can help to expand the appeal and functionality of the sport, not only to those who are unable to play during the day due to tight schedules, but also to those who prefer to play when the temperatures are much cooler at night. In fact, most of the golfers in the Southern region of the U.S. prefer to start playing early in the day to avoid the high temperatures experienced from noon onward. Continue reading