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Decorative LED Street Lighting Across California

LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting choice of the future. There are many reasons to prefer LEDs over traditional high pressure sodium or mercury-vapor lamps. Some of these reasons include their energy efficient nature, their long lifespan, and their durability in rural and city landscapes. LED lights are ideal for use in streetlights virtually anywhere, and they are being used more and more commonly across the country.

Energy Efficiency

Municipal LED street lighting is an excellent choice because of its efficiency. They work extremely well while also lasting a very long time. They also provide significantly lower energy bills due to their highly efficient makeup. Maintenance costs associated with fixing and replacing light bulbs are much lower when dealing with LED lights. LED lights provide green outdoor lighting The energy efficiency of LED light bulbs in streetlights can be seen in the amount of energy that they use, which, like associated costs, is much lower than that of their older counterparts.

Long Lifespan

One important factor of LED lighting is their incredibly long lifespan. LED light bulbs that are installed in streetlights can last for as long as 100,000 hours. That time frame, compared to the usual short lifespan of traditional light bulbs makes the choice of LED lights more convenient and cost saving. The long-lasting nature of LED light bulbs allows for less maintenance and less worry about them needing to constantly being checked for burn-outs and replacements.

Ideal For All Areas

Cities and rural areas alike are turning toward outdoor LED lighting projects as their primary choice. In cities, LED light bulbs are a great fit for several reasons. They don’t attract bugs like traditional lighting, so city streetlights are not crowded and stained with undesirable bugs. They also shine brightly without growing hot or needing time to warm up when turned on. In rural or hard-to-get-to areas, LED streetlights allow streetlights to still be available without the added time, cost, and effort of going in and replacing and fixing light bulbs each week. They make sense in all areas as a lighting alternative because of their widespread benefits.

We Specialize in Outdoor LED Lighting Design

LED lights are the perfect fit for streetlights in counties throughout the United States. They provide important improvements that allow for lower maintenance costs and more safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. Soon all cities throughout the country will have converted their street lighting to LEDs in order to reap the great benefits of doing so. For more information about why LED lighting is a good idea for your city, contact a team of experts like Great Basin Lighting. Contact us today via our online contact form, or call us at (925) 240-1566 (California Office) or (775) 333-0900 (Nevada Office).

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