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Advancements in LED Lighting Have Reached a New Threshold

Advancements in LED Lighting Technology

municipal led street lighting

Light emitting diodes commonly known as LED lighting is the latest and the most exciting advancement in the lighting industry. They are small, solid light bulbs that are long lasting and extremely energy efficient. Their mode of operation is also different from traditional incandescent light bulbs, a factor that makes them more durable and rugged than traditional incandescent light bulbs. The quality of light that LED emits is neither too bright nor too dull, a factor that makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Recent advancement in LED lighting technology has given them solid advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs when it comes to saving energy as well as improving safety and security. Continue reading

Valmont Product Spotlight: Outdoor Lighting Project in Campbell, CA

Decorative LED “Fruit Poles” Light Up Campbell

LED Lighting California

The year 2014 was a watershed moment in Campbell’s gentrification story. The city decided to introduce a new breed of decorative lighting poles that resonate with the surroundings and reflects the city’s modernistic appeal. Previous attempts yielded no fruits, but finally, when they approached Valmont Structures, they gladly took up the challenge. It was quite a unique project and required a passionate company that would take up a production assembly just for a single project. They found that passion in Great Basin Lightning and partnered with us for the outdoor LED lighting installation. Continue reading