Decorative LED “Fruit Poles” Light Up Campbell

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The year 2014 was a watershed moment in Campbell’s gentrification story. The city decided to introduce a new breed of decorative lighting poles that resonate with the surroundings and reflects the city’s modernistic appeal. Previous attempts yielded no fruits, but finally, when they approached Valmont Structures, they gladly took up the challenge. It was quite a unique project and required a passionate company that would take up a production assembly just for a single project. They found that passion in Great Basin Lightning and partnered with us for the outdoor LED lighting installation.
Fuit Poles in Campbell
The requirement was simple but we had to work from scratch. In the product design phase, Valmont created a 3D model in AutoCAD to mimic our client’s exact requirements. Then the blueprint was transferred to the early production stage, where engineers started optimizing the design, material, costs, etc. As the state of California has unusual seismic activity, the designers modified the final product according to the Caltrans design criteria. What emerged out of the planning phase was a 17.5-foot pole with three arms diverging out from the top of the pole. We next added a metal leaf on each arm. The color was fixed to green. The result was an ergonomic municipal LED street lighting system that is not only energy efficient but is also more natural in outlook.
Decorative LED Site Lighting California
After the final bits of planning, the prototype was rolled out but we thought it was missing something. To really bring out an organic feel to this outdoor lighting design, we cover the LED with a semi-transparent material with naturistic designs so that the lights look a flower. We chose different shades for each LED but painted the pole with a coat of emerald green. Before painting, we galvanized the frame with high-quality zinc so as to add to its longevity. The result was a symbiosis of advanced technologically and aesthetically soothing design.
Campbell Fruit Poles close up
Even with budget limitations and a strict time frame, we were able to meet all the milestones smoothly. For us, this being a unique project it was an enriching one too. We learned a lot in designing decorative lighting poles of the future and hope to execute the ideas and experience we gathered. The success story of Campbell’s “Fruit Poles” would never have been complete without the support of Valmont’s engineers and managerial team. Valmont has been very accommodating in designing something new from scratch to give the client what they exactly want. This kind of gesture is rare and is deeply appreciated. We are grateful that we got the opportunity to collaborate with the very best in the industry and achieve a win-win situation for all.

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