Monthly Archives: January 2016

Reasons to Choose Valmont Street and Area Lighting for a Municipal LED Retrofit

Durable, Decorative Lighting Poles from Valmont Industries


Well-illuminated roadways, parking lots and sidewalks are hallmarks of safety and security. Valmont understands the importance of high-quality lighting in public spaces and continuously strives to provide its customers with dependable, aesthetically pleasing products. Here are some of the benefits that set Valmont’s LED outdoor lighting products apart from the competition. Continue reading

Valmont Structures Decorative Lighting Poles on San Francisco Bay Area Bridges

Valmont LED Roadway Lighting Illuminates Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge


Valmont’s engineers recently installed lighting structures on two San Francisco Bay Area bridges: the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge. Both of these projects showcase their extraordinary outdoor lighting design capabilities. Continue reading