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5 Improvements Made Possible by LED Street Lights

Want to go green with LED outdoor lighting? Not all LED lighting is perfect for every situation, and the right combination is integral to CA lighting design.

What to Consider When Retrofitting Existing HID Lamps to LED Technology

Go Green with Outdoor LED Lighting Owing to the longevity, efficiency, and lighting power of LED technology, many people are interested in what goes into an LED lighting retrofit. In particular, LED lighting is surging in popularity when it comes to outdoor applications. For instance, many cities are investigating LED lighting as an outdoor solution … continue reading » “What to Consider When Retrofitting Existing HID Lamps to LED Technology”

Benefits of Connected LED Smart Cell Street Lighting

LED municipal street lighting will soon all be powered by smart cell lighting poles that will connect cities… All via outdoor LED street lighting.

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New Tech Makes LED Street Lights More Efficient

LED outdoor lighting is getting an upgrade. LED street lights are the most energy efficient choice for municipalities, and LED roadway lights are improving.

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LED Lighting is Becoming the Standard for Sports Stadiums

LED outdoor lighting for sports stadiums is a great choice. Find out why here.

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