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LED lighting California

Why Businesses and Municipalities are Choosing LED

The Benefits of Municipal LED Lighting

LED lighting has many benefits making it common in businesses. In addition to being energy efficient, LED lighting also helps to reduce carbon emissions. If you own a business, cutting costs is one of the top objectives. LED lighting has completely changed the lighting industry. In this blog post, we’re going to give 3 reasons why businesses and municipalities are choosing LED lighting in California. Continue reading

green outdoor lighting

Reasons Behind The Popularity of Outdoor LED Lighting

LED Lighting is Dominating California & Nevada

Today, outdoor LED lighting is quite prevalent on the streets of California, especially during the holidays. LED street lighting has also exploded in popularity. The benefits of using these lights includes reliability and durability, especially when compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs. In addition, they use nearly 95% less energy than older styles of bulbs, and last up to ten times longer.

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