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Municipal LED Street Lighting Saving Small Cities Big Bucks

Upfront Cost of LED Lighting Outweighed by Energy Savings

LED Outdoor Lighting California

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Many small cities are investing in their futures by converting their old mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium streetlights to LED. Planners must confront high initial costs – some medium sized cities have spent over $2 million on LED street lighting fixtures alone – but even conservative city officers will appreciate the prospect of permanently lower energy bills. Continue reading

How Will LED Outdoor Lighting Improve to Let the Stars Shine in the City Again?

What Causes Light Pollution and How Can LED Streetlights Help?


Light pollution prevents city dwellers in the Bay Area and elsewhere from viewing the stars or other night-sky objects due to the high levels of light glow from homes, businesses and streets throughout the evening hours. Scientists have hypothesized that the widespread advent of upgraded LED outdoor lighting design could lessen this pollution.

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