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Why White LED Outdoor Lighting?

How LED Landscape Lighting Turns White


LED lighting is monochromatic. Technically speaking, this means it emits electromagnetic radiation in a very narrow band of wavelengths. From a lighting engineering standpoint, this factor makes LEDs ideal for colored lighting applications, such as signs and traffic lights.

However, if you want to use LEDs as a general light source, white light is preferable. Fortunately, LEDs can produce white light with the right modifications. Continue reading

Will CSP Revolutionize Outdoor LEDs?

Helping Outdoor LEDs Reduce Cost and Impact on the Environment

Example of Chip Scale Packaging Wafer

Chip Scale Packaging, also known as CSP, continues to change LEDs in a number of ways that could have profound ramifications for Bay Area municipalities and businesses. For instance, since CSP can be integrated into the wafer, it doesn’t expand the size of the LED packaging. In fact, it may even reduce the size because many CSPs eliminate the need for the wire bonding, sub-mount or lead frame.

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