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Facts about the Department of Energy’s Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium


Bright Minds Come Together Around LED Lighting

With so many new developments in the green outdoor lighting industry – particularly here in the Bay Area where progressive energy policies are transforming the landscape — cities exploring new lighting possibilities can’t keep up. Interestingly, when multiple cities implement independent projects to test different lighting updates, effort duplication is inevitable. Many projects possess similar designs and differ only by location. Great minds in city planning think alike. This has some benefits (e.g. increases the scalability of engineering that works) and some drawbacks (e.g. reduces the number of creative “lighting system experiments” that could teach us things about efficiency and utility).

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LED Outdoor Lighting: Reliability Key in ROI

Green Outdoor Lighting Has to be Dependable


Cities, towns and organizations throughout the Bay Area and beyond in California are struggling to ensure the profitability and sustainability of their infrastructure projects. Especially in light of the Golden State’s horrendous ongoing drought, you want to save money and minimize inefficiencies wherever possible.

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