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LED Street lighting Prompts Investigation into Glare & Driver Safety

LED Roadway Lighting In California Undergoes Investigation


Photo Credit: Unsplash

LED lighting can be a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to old incandescent lighting schemes. Many cities in and around the Bay Area have opted to install municipal LED street lighting in an effort to make streets safer while simultaneously saving money. However, this great safety feature, when installed incorrectly, can come with a drawback: glares from the lamps may pose driver safety hazards in certain situations. Black spots that appear after staring at a bright light or the sun, also known as glare bombs, can be easily caused by a short glimpse at over-powerful LED lights. Continue reading

Cyclone Lighting’s Surprise for Fran

The Cyclone Lighting team saw Fran’s post on her personal face book page. One of their employees took the initiative to explain the situation to other employees and ask them to donate money for the research that is being done at the University of California-San Diego by Eric Adler, MD regarding Danon Disease and started a fund raiser in their office. The gentlemen’s name is Sam Wannous and he is a product buyer at Cyclone Lighting. We cannot thank him enough for he and his coworkers generosity. I called to thank the owner and President of Cyclone Lighting Mario Lemay also and he said that Sam was the one that really took the ball and ran with it and made this donation happen. (Thank you AGAIN Sam)!

We have a 13 year relationship with Cyclone Lighting and obviously it is more than just business! We are proud to be their representative and the personal bonds we also share with this great team!!

Thank You again Team Cyclone words cannot describe how much this means to us and other people and their families that are effected or have been effected by Danon Disease.