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LED Lighting Distribution Types and Benefits

Important Outdoor LED Lighting Information to Consider

Municipal LED street lighting California

An outdoor LED lighting solution can provide energy efficiency and brilliant light for many different settings. Before investing in this technology, however, Bay Area companies and municipalities should take the time to understand the distribution types. Review and understand these before pitching any stakeholders or investing in LED solutions for your outdoor space:

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Outdoor LED Lighting Continues to Spread Through the US

Some Utilities Lack Incentive To Promote Energy Conservation with Green Lighting

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As more and more cities across the United States invest in energy-efficient, durable LED lighting, two significant developments highlight triumphs and challenges in implementing the new technology. On the one hand, beautiful bridge lighting just installed in Waco, Texas exemplifies effective use of special outdoor lighting design features of LEDs. On the other hand, cities in Michigan are discovering how a utility’s regressive rate plans can put a damper on civic lighting upgrades. Continue reading