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Safety and Savings with LED Lighting on Campus

A Leader in Outdoor LED Lighting Projects Sheds Light on the Subject

green outdoor lighting

LED Lighting at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California. ©2015 Great Basin Lighting.

Imagine if a campus safety improvement did not cut into a school’s funds, but added more money to the budget. Installation of LED lighted bollards, street, path, and quad lighting does just that, as colleges and universities are discovering.
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Enlightenment in Denmark: A Vast Outdoor Lighting Showground

Outdoor Lighting Design Receives Its Own Stage

LED Lighting California and NevadaHow do you comparison shop for a product at the cutting edge of technology that does its job in the dark, can completely alter the ambiance of an environment, and is typically mounted on a six- to forty-foot pole? That is one challenge facing communities looking to install LED street lighting. Continue reading