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New Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting Promotes LEDs

The White House has just stepped up its push for energy-efficient lighting with its “Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting”

LED Roadway Lighting

Image via Flickr

The Challenge implements the Outdoor Lighting Accelerator, a program to focus on overcoming barriers faced by states and local governments in upgrading to more efficient lighting technologies for their streets, parking facilities, and recreation areas.

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Stockton Fights Budget Cuts with Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Stockton, California, Upgrades Municipal LED Street Lighting

LED light poles CaliforniaThe city of Stockton expects to save around $1.8 million yearly with the replacement and retrofitting of municipal LED street lighting. The city will replace nearly 28,000 mercury-vapor lights and 8,500 light poles during the course of the three year project, which started in summer of 2014. Continue reading