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Changing the Golf Game: Why Golf Courses Need LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting for Golf Courses

outdoor lighting designNight lighting at a golf course serves several purposes. First, it can open up the beauty of the landscaping to golfers, as well as to people who drive past your premises. Night lighting also allows golf-related businesses to stay open later, and it offers time-strapped golfers more accommodating hours, which can in turn inspire them to play 18 holes, in spite of their busy schedules. Continue reading

LEDs Leading the Market and Lighting the Way in 2015

Decorative LED Street Lighting is Changing the Way Life is Seen at Night

LED lighting NevadaOver the past 5 years, the growth of the LED industry has been nothing short of spectacular. LEDs – once a virtually unknown technology – are now in a position to dominate the lighting market as a sustainable, cost-effective, and long-term solution. Many experts now argue that LEDs are poised to become the premier lighting choice for both residential and commercial applications. The technology’s leap from obscure “green” solution to mainstream alternative has created challenges and opportunities for municipalities and businesses alike. Continue reading