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Sporting Arenas Adjust to the Benefits of LED Lighting

Energy Efficient Solutions for Sports Arenas: Decorative LED Lighting

Sports arenas and stadiums require massive amounts of energy to light up fields, courts, and ice arenas during sporting events. Sometimes, these energy needs wind up being simply too much for inefficient lighting systems. In many sports facilities, any power shortage or surge can suddenly send a game into the dark because the bulbs need time to reheat to the proper temperature. This potential loss of power can pose a danger to players and annoy ticket holders. To respond to these challenges, dozens of stadiums and arenas around the Bay Area (and across the country) have started switching over to LED lighting solutions. Continue reading

Why the Blue LED Light Is Worthy of Nobel Prize

Would LED Lighting Be What it is Today Without the Blue LED?

Imagine the days, not long ago, when streets everywhere were paved in yellow, from energy-hungry sodium-vapor lamps. Energy efficient bright white LEDs are now widely used in street lights, traffic lights, as well as in laptops and smartphones. So why would a blue LED light win the Nobel prize? Continue reading