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How “Green” is LED Lighting?

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Safe LED Lighting

green outdoor lighting CaliforniaWhether you’re a municipal official researching outdoor LED landscape lighting for a park in your town, or a Vice President of a corporation planning an energy efficient lighting schema, you’ve probably heard a lot of “good things” about LEDs. But how much of the discussion is hype? How much actual research and science can back up the now-conventional belief that LED lighting = “green lighting”? Continue reading

Using LED Lighting in Building Renovations

How to Retrofit Your Building With LED Lighting

decorative-LED-street-lightingWhether you’re researching decorative LED lighting as you’re leading up to remodeling or leasing out a Bay Area condominium; or exploring outdoor LED landscape lighting solutions for a municipality, you might be surprised by the interesting ways that you can use LED lighting in building renovations. Continue reading