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LED Lighting – Huge Benefits for California Businesses

How CA & NV Businesses are Saving With LED Lighting


© 2014 Great Basin Lighting – William Jessup University

Whether your company asked you to research decorative LED site lighting solutions for a new campus, or you and your executive team are scoping out outdoor lighting design ideas to make your building easier for employees to access, you have some awareness of the benefits of LED tech. But you might not be sold on going the LED route. You may be underestimating the long term positives that the switch will have for your Nevada or California company. Continue reading

Innovative Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Spring

Planning Your Outdoor LED Lighting Projects

LED lighting California

Memorial Park in Cupertino, CA. © 2014 Great Basin Lighting

You’re scoping LED outdoor lighting ideas, because you want to “spruce up” your office complex, municipal park or residence in California or Nevada. After all, spring is finally here, and you and your team finally have the energy (and budget) to get to critical projects on your to-do list. Continue reading