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Astonishing, Diverse Benefits of LED Lighting

The True Energy Efficiency of LED Street Lighting


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Our regular readers might be lead to believe that this blog is merely a love letter to LED lighting. But while we talk a lot about the “pros” of LEDs, we’re not just cheerleaders for the technology. Our passion for helping businesses and municipalities with outdoor LED lighting projects comes from a deep conviction that LED technologies can help municipalities and individuals save money, reduce waste, improve the aesthetic elements of spaces, and encourage other companies and cities to switch away from less efficient, wasteful technologies. Continue reading

LED Outdoor Area and Street Lighting Forecast for 2014

Municipal LED Street Lighting Projects on the Rise

municipal LED street lighting

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The LED lighting revolution is in full force. Whether you’re researching municipality street lighting to replace an old, outdated high-pressure sodium (HPS) scheme; or you’re pondering buying LED outdoor lighting for your business plaza to reduce maintenance costs, the forecast looks good. Continue reading