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Alturas, California, plans to install 136 LED streetlights

via New Streetlights

May 31, 2012

The city of Alturas, California, has applied for supplemental funding to install a second round of LED streetlight fixtures on city streets. City officials submitted a grant application to the California Energy Commission (CEC) for $56,085. The awards are funded by a grant from the US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program. The city of Alturas is hoping to receive confirmation of the award shortly.

“Our first installation included about 43 decorative LED streetlights, and we are very satisfied with the project,” said Chester Robertson, public works director for the city of Alturas. The city conducted a demonstration pilot before choosing energy efficient LED streetlights. “Since all of our streetlights are metered, we have an immediate sense of savings,” said Robertson. Initial calculations show that the 43 Cyclone Lighting LED fixtures have reduced energy consumption by nearly 40%. The long term goal is to replace all of 136 of the city’s streetlights with LED streetlight fixtures, according to Robertson.

The proposed project is expected to save an additional 17,516 kwH of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by six tons. “We have received tremendous support from Pacific Power and Light, our energy provider, as well as from the community,” said Robertson. Phase II is targeting the remaining roadway streetlights which were not replaced in the first installation. Phase I focused on intersection lighting, whereas Phase II will address all remaining streetlights.