The Technological Benefits of Smart LED Lighting

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Why Smart LED Lighting is a Smart Decision

One of the most well-known benefits of smart LED lighting is their ability to facilitate efficient energy usage when compared to isolate LEDs by automatically and remotely providing brightness, turning on and off, and other automated functions. Continue reading

Why Retrofitting with LEDs Makes Sense For Municipalities

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Typically, LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) lighting retrofitting has always been perceived as an expensive expenditure or a maintenance problem. However, contrary to this notion, experts agree that this sort of undertaking can help to improve the market value of a property. Also, just like with any other capital project, building owners ought to use quality products to secure a high return on investment. In fact, the bottom line in any investment usually reads cheap products lead to poor ROI (Return on Investment). Continue reading

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6 Common Myths About LEDs

Debunking Misconceptions About LED Lighting

LED lighting is a new technology that has taken the world by storm. Due to its popularity, there are some odd myths that have popped up around them. Let’s tackle and bust some of the most common myths about LED lighting: Continue reading

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LEDs Are Improving Cities One Light at a Time

Decorative LED Street Lighting Across California

LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting choice of the future. There are many reasons to prefer LEDs over traditional high pressure sodium or mercury-vapor lamps. Some of these reasons include their energy efficient nature, their long lifespan, and their durability in rural and city landscapes. LED lights are ideal for use in streetlights virtually anywhere, and they are being used more and more commonly across the country. Continue reading

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LED Lighting for Golf Courses and Driving Ranges

LED Outdoor Sports Lighting

The prospect of golfing at night can help to expand the appeal and functionality of the sport, not only to those who are unable to play during the day due to tight schedules, but also to those who prefer to play when the temperatures are much cooler at night. In fact, most of the golfers in the Southern region of the U.S. prefer to start playing early in the day to avoid the high temperatures experienced from noon onward. Continue reading

Advancements in LED Lighting Have Reached a New Threshold

Advancements in LED Lighting Technology

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Light emitting diodes commonly known as LED lighting is the latest and the most exciting advancement in the lighting industry. They are small, solid light bulbs that are long lasting and extremely energy efficient. Their mode of operation is also different from traditional incandescent light bulbs, a factor that makes them more durable and rugged than traditional incandescent light bulbs. The quality of light that LED emits is neither too bright nor too dull, a factor that makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Recent advancement in LED lighting technology has given them solid advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs when it comes to saving energy as well as improving safety and security. Continue reading