5 Guidelines to Parking Lot Lighting Design

outdoor lighting design CaliforniaThere’s a lot more to parking lot lighting than what people think. The proper lighting does not only make the process of parking of vehicles easier but plays a role in deterring theft and other crimes. Not to mention, it also makes your patrons feel more at home and not in a shady place. Continue reading

5 Things Municipalities Should Know About LED Lighting

California municipal LED street lighting

When it comes to having an efficient outdoor lighting design, most municipalities are still reluctant to adopt new technologies, which in turn has forced them to miss out on the numerous benefits of LEDs. As a result, it is important for local authorities to clearly understand the advantages of municipal LED street lighting. Continue reading

The Future Is Bright for LED Lighting

municipal LED street lighting

Over the years, both the LED lighting market has managed to evolve significantly due to the constant innovation in the market. Nowadays, these unique illumination tools are well deigned and come with long lifespans, result in minimal carbon emissions, and generally improve quality of light in any space, all of which have helped them to gain favor among a majority of the public, business, and governmental population.

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3 Ways to Improve Landscape Lighting Design

decorative outdoor LED landscape lighting CaliforniaWe all know that lighting is an important part of designing a landscape. Most people dedicate a lot of time to making sure their outdoor lighting looks amazing, because they know it provides a certain aesthetic and makes the outdoors safer at nighttime. When it comes to outdoor landscaping, lighting is going to take center stage in a number of ways.   Continue reading

How Municipal LED Lighting Can Improve Safety and Security

From employees to customers, everyone has the right to enjoy peace of mind in a safe and secure shopping environment, especially when it comes to parking lot and garage areas. Aside from preventing certain hazards, there are a number of reasons why LED outdoor lighting has become so popular. Continue reading

Top 10 Trends In LED Lighting Technology

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and changes are happening faster and faster in the field of LED lighting design. In the event that you’re trying to stay up-to-date with what’s happening, the following are the top 10 trends in lighting technology you should be on the lookout for: Continue reading

Solar Power and the LED Lighting Industry

outdoor LED lighting with solar powerOver the last few years, LEDs have been on the upward trend. In fact, we can now see them starting to push out traditional technologies in a wide range of sectors, including street, decorative, and automotive lighting. Despite the milestones made, there are still various LED projects underway that are set to change the industry in a host of positive ways. Continue reading