LED Street Lighting For Municipalities: The Smart Choice

LED street lighting CaliforniaAll over the United States, there is a growing need to adopt LEDs on the streets. This is largely because over recent years, Municipal LED street lighting has proved to be a rather savvy improvement on the outdated HID technology. It also comes with substantial return on investment.

Why LED Lighting for Municipalities is a Smart Choice

LEDs are The Future

Outdoor LED lighting projects are economically viable, require minimal maintenance, and are environmentally friendly. This is why they have managed to trump conventional HID fixtures on all counts. Furthermore, LED street lighting offers better color, provide a more even light distribution, and contribute very little in terms of light pollution. When you choose to go with Municipal LED street lighting, you will be able to upgrade your area not only in terms of beauty, but also in safety. In addition, you will be able to experience 50% to 80% savings on electricity use.

LED roadway lighting is a smart idea and offer municipalities with a bright future. When you sit down and carefully look at this sort of investment you will find that cities and towns all over are making the switch.

Benefits of Municipal LED Lighting

Enhanced performance

Municipal LED street lighting has the unique ability to substantially reduce energy consumption, are highly efficient, provide precision color rendering and light disbursement, and finally support more lumens for every watt when compared to HID lamps.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Due to the fact that LED’s typically have a longer lifespan, the issue of replacing them usually becomes necessary every 10 to 15 years unlike with standard HIDs which need to be switched out every 3 to 5 years. This situation means you will experience reduced costs with outdoor LED lighting.

“Green” Outdoor Lighting

LED lights comply with all green initiatives. They minimize levels of wasted light, reduce light pollution, do not contain any mercury, and leave a substantially smaller carbon footprint.

For Municipal LED Street Lighting in California or Nevada, Contact Great Basin Lighting

In short, it’s not hard to see why LED lighting trumps conventional HID street lights. If you are interested in installing LED lighting in California or Nevada, contact Great Basin Lighting. Great Basin Lighting is a reputable company dealing in the installation and distribution of LED lighting fixtures. With over 10 years of service installing municipal LED street lighting, Great Basin Lighting is the go-to company for LED lighting installation. Contact us today by calling one of our offices below or send us a message using our online contact form.

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