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Municipal LED Street Lighting is Becoming Smart Street Lighting

Several cities and municipalities are doing exciting things with LED lampposts, which can act as small cell poles and provide many other benefits beyond efficient lighting. Below is a look at what those areas are doing with LED technology.


In Australia, the city of Sydney is using smart cell poles to spread WiFi access across a large area. Specifically, the city’s famous Royal Botanic Garden now provides WiFi to the millions of visitors it receives each year. The destination uses devices known as Smart Nodes. Along with lighting and WiFi, the Smart Nodes can also facilitate ranger assistance and act as charging stations.

New Delhi

Meanwhile, in India, the municipal leaders of New Delhi launched a project that will end up providing internet access and an advanced network of CCTV cameras. Their initial plan called for 55 poles to be installed, according to the New Indian Express. Each of those 55 poles can let at least 75 users access Wi-Fi.

Huntington Beach

In 2018, Huntington Beach, a California city, committed to installing a smart lighting system which include LED roadway lighting and 5G cell service. The poles’ other capabilities are useful as well: They can keep track of important information such as parking-space availability, air quality, and traffic levels.


The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai has long been known for its glittering image. It’s also becoming known for its advanced infrastructure. The goal is for the poles to cut down on energy usage and eventually assist with autonomous driving.

Hongze County

China, too, has seen areas enjoy the advantages of advanced lights. For instance, Hongze County recently saw the installation of over 3,000 new streetlights. These lights are capable of displaying information such as weather alerts, providing security via cameras, and monitoring environmental data. They also facilitate the spread of WiFi. Like the other areas covered in this article, Hongze County shows that the future of LED-based infrastructure is bright.

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All in all, the next generation of wireless technology is expected to work seamlessly with the newest generation of lighting and other municipal infrastructure elements. Contact the lighting professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, for more information on smart cell street lighting solutions.

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