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LED Lighting Brightens Your Game on the Field

Advantages Of LED Lighting at Sports Fields and Stadiums

Sports stadiums stand to benefit a lot by installing LED lights. The advantages of outdoor LED lighting projects include cutting costs and increasing revenue. It is cross cutting; affecting both players and fans. If sports organizers realize that they can have a seamless playing experience even at night, the stadium will never be underutilized. Fans will also stream in in huge numbers if they know that they will have a perfect viewing experience. Led lighting is the answer. Continue reading

Choose Outdoor LED Lighting to Brighten Your Game

Outdoor LED lighting projectsYou don’t need to replace those old lights in your sports field or do you? After all, they are getting kind of outdated and the complaints by athletes are increasing in frequency. It doesn’t matter if your field hosts a junior hockey game or high school football; you need to have lights working in proper condition at all times. Continue reading

Green Outdoor Lighting for Recreational Sports Fields

Decorative LED Site Lighting Expert Discusses Sports Lighting

Sports Heroes on Outdoor LED Lighted Field

“Sports Heroes” Stock photo © Pali Rao

The metal-halide and other high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps used on sports fields do a brilliant job of illuminating night games. However, as outdoor LED landscape lighting becomes more and more efficient and affordable, big stadiums have been switching over—and smaller public, private, and school fields, park grounds, and other local recreational facilities are beginning to follow suit. This trend is likely to escalate.

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