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How LED Street Lighting Has Been Shown To Cut City Crime

Outdoor LED lighting projects have many benefits. See how LED street lighting has been shown to reduce crime in cities in our municipal street lighting blog.

How Much Money Can Your City Save by Switching to LED Streetlights?

Switching to LED street lighting can make municipalities greener and more energy efficient. See how LED lighting poles and street lighting can improve your city.


Advantages of LED Roadway Lighting

Municipalities across the nation are switching to LED lighting for its advantages. outdoor lighting design can increase the safety of roadways and LED outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to connect a city.

5 Things Municipalities Should Know About LED Lighting

There are many advantages of LED lighting, but how can cities benefit from municipal LED street lighting? Our new blog post explains.

How Municipal LED Lighting Can Improve Safety and Security

Walking or driving through a dark parking lot or garage can be nerve wracking and dangerous. Here’s how LED street lighting can improve their safety and security.

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