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Reasons Behind The Popularity of Outdoor LED Lighting

LED Lighting is Dominating California & Nevada

Today, outdoor LED lighting is quite prevalent on the streets of California, especially during the holidays. LED street lighting has also exploded in popularity. The benefits of using these lights includes reliability and durability, especially when compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs. In addition, they use nearly 95% less energy than older styles of bulbs, and last up to ten times longer.

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Outdoor LED lighting design

How Can We Help Reverse Light Pollution?

Outdoor LED Lighting and The Night Sky

Almost a century ago, the night sky was far more spectacular than how it appears today. So, what could have impaired our view of the universe, partially hiding our beloved milky way? This scenario is created by Light Pollution, the excessive use of artificial light at night which is taking a toll on our environment, health, energy resources, and safety. Scientists say that it can cause serious environmental problems for humans as well as for wildlife, seriously affecting the nocturnal creatures.

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The Longevity of LED Bulbs

LED Outdoor Lighting

The revolution continues! Cities across the country are switching to LED roadway lighting, and many Bay Area homeowners are taking the cue to make the transition and discovering that LED bulbs save them money. Although LED bulbs often cost more than other lighting options – at least at the installation stage – their longevity makes them extremely economical in the long run, especially when you amortize the costs.

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What is Li-Fi? Information at the Speed of Light

California & Nevada Lighting Design

Visible Light Communication (VLC) may challenge Wi-Fi for speed, security and quantity of data transmission. Specifically, Li-Fi technology will utilize LED lights in offices, homes, and communities to stream data faster and more efficiently than current technologies.

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Why LED Streetlights Make Sense for California Cities

Los Angeles, California LED Street Lighting Initiative Achieves Goals


Many municipalities across the country (particularly here in the progressive Bay Area) are considering converting their sodium vapor street lights to LED units. However, local officials sometimes balk at the idea of such a transition, because they worry about the upfront investment costs. How will they be amortized? How quickly can a city see a return on investment? Continue reading

How California Municipalities Can Prepare For El Niño

California Municipalities Bracing for Heavy El Niño Rainy Season

LED Street Lighting San Francisco

Weather experts predict a strong El Niño that will persist throughout the winter and into the spring. Locally, El Niño means strong winds and heavy rain, so California municipalities need to prepare accordingly. Continue reading

Will CSP Revolutionize Outdoor LEDs?

Helping Outdoor LEDs Reduce Cost and Impact on the Environment

Example of Chip Scale Packaging Wafer

Chip Scale Packaging, also known as CSP, continues to change LEDs in a number of ways that could have profound ramifications for Bay Area municipalities and businesses. For instance, since CSP can be integrated into the wafer, it doesn’t expand the size of the LED packaging. In fact, it may even reduce the size because many CSPs eliminate the need for the wire bonding, sub-mount or lead frame.

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Green Outdoor Lighting for Recreational Sports Fields

Decorative LED Site Lighting Expert Discusses Sports Lighting

Sports Heroes on Outdoor LED Lighted Field

“Sports Heroes” Stock photo © Pali Rao

The metal-halide and other high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps used on sports fields do a brilliant job of illuminating night games. However, as outdoor LED landscape lighting becomes more and more efficient and affordable, big stadiums have been switching over—and smaller public, private, and school fields, park grounds, and other local recreational facilities are beginning to follow suit. This trend is likely to escalate.

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How to Get the Most Out of an LED Lighting Replacement Project

LED Outdoor Lighting Experts Shares Its Proficiency

Outdoor Lighting DesignUpgrading to LED lighting is a smart business move, given that the energy savings pay for the installation in a short time. Following are suggestions to maximize the benefits you receive from this project.
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Why the Blue LED Light Is Worthy of Nobel Prize

Would LED Lighting Be What it is Today Without the Blue LED?

Imagine the days, not long ago, when streets everywhere were paved in yellow, from energy-hungry sodium-vapor lamps. Energy efficient bright white LEDs are now widely used in street lights, traffic lights, as well as in laptops and smartphones. So why would a blue LED light win the Nobel prize? Continue reading