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Outdoor LED lighting projects

LED Lighting is Becoming the Standard for Sports Stadiums

LED outdoor lighting for sports stadiums is a great choice. Find out why here.

Why Is Outdoor LED Municipal Lighting So Popular?

Street lighting and parking lot lighting is an important part of municipal spending. As LED lights increase in popularity, more and more cities are making the switch. See why LED lighting in California and Nevada is so popular.

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Why Lighting College Campuses with LEDs is a Bright Idea

New technology allows college and university campuses across California and Nevada to better serve students with outdoor LED lighting design.

The Industrial Market Embraces Smart LED Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting designs have been steadily advancing over the past years. Municipalities across California are switching to the more advanced, energy efficient LED design, but here’s how the industrial market is catching up.

Achieving LED Lighting Efficiency in California

Why California Municipalities and Homes are Switching to Green Outdoor Lighting Outdoor LED lighting is poised to dominate the landscape industry, and for good reason- it’s one of the best and the most energy-efficient lighting solutions available!

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