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Outdoor Lighting

What is Li-Fi? Information at the Speed of Light

Visible Light Communication (VLC) may challenge Wi-Fi for speed, security and quantity of data transmission. Learn more.

Traffic Safety and Security Benefits of LED Roadway Lighting

dvancements in outdoor LED lighting projects will make roads and sidewalks even safer for drivers and pedestrians.

LED Outdoor Lighting for Streets

Over just the past 18 months, streetlight costs have fallen by up to 50 percent, driven largely by the increased efficiency of LED lamps.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Community

Consider upgrading to an LED streetlight solution. LEDs are simple to operate and cost-effective.

LED Roadway Lighting Design – 3 Reasons Why It Works

Outdoor lighting design in California has been transformed at a blistering pace, thanks in large part to the revolution of LED lighting.

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