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California LED

6 Things You Should Know About Street Light Poles

Municipal LED Lighting is The Green Solution

The 19th century was an exciting time to be alive thanks to the rapid urbanization fueled by the industrial revolution. In 1878, the first electric street light poles were installed in Paris, and since then they have become a common feature in almost all cities in the world. Today, street lights are being upgraded to energy efficient LEDs to improve their functionality.

The extra illumination from LED street lights facilitates safer navigation and promotes a sense of security to people who work and live in the area. Here we discuss the six things you should know about street light poles before you replace or install them.

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Custom Street Lighting for the Bay Bridge by Valmont

LED Lights Brighten the Bridge

LED Street Lighting

Image via Caltrans

If you’ve driven through the San Francisco Bay Area recently, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge. The lighting poles for the new span’s cutting edge lighting was fabricated by Valmont Industries. Continue reading