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California LED

6 Things You Should Know About Street Light Poles

Municipal LED Lighting is The Green Solution

The 19th century was an exciting time to be alive thanks to the rapid urbanization fueled by the industrial revolution. In 1878, the first electric street light poles were installed in Paris, and since then they have become a common feature in almost all cities in the world. Today, street lights are being upgraded to energy efficient LEDs to improve their functionality.

The extra illumination from LED street lights facilitates safer navigation and promotes a sense of security to people who work and live in the area. Here we discuss the six things you should know about street light poles before you replace or install them.

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LED lighted bollards

Achieving Energy-Efficient Lighting in California

Green Outdoor Lighting

Like the state’s homeowners, California businesses are becoming increasingly obsessed with finding energy efficient lighting options to reduce utility bills. This passion makes sense. After all, studies have found that approximately 35% of a commercial building’s total electricity use (and in case you’re wondering, 22% of a household’s electricity use) comes from lighting. Are outdoor LED lighting solutions the answer? Let’s explore some basic metrics to help you evaluate your needs.

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How Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Work

The Science Behind LED Outdoor Lighting

Our blog has long sung the praises of LED lighting. Whether you work for a California municipality that’s investigating LED lighted bollards and street lighting, or you run a Nevada business that wants to make its corporate plaza more energy efficient and safer for visitors, LEDs have gotten your attention. But how, exactly, does this supposedly “miracle” technology work? Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting for Commercial Projects

Outdoor LED lighting projects have exploded in popularity, especially in California and Nevada, over the past several years. LED solutions are often more versatile, longer lasting, cheaper (over the long-term), more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting schemes. Whether you’re a municipal officer in charge of beautifying a road system in your community, or you’re an executive looking to remodel your company’s outdoor campus, the team here at Great Basin Lighting can help you explore decorative lighting poles and other elements for your project. Continue reading