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Current Trends in The LED Lighting Market

LED Lighting Design California

The LED lighting industry is advancing at a rapid pace and is poised to take over a massive chunk of the lighting market by 2020. The Global LED Lighting Market: Trends and Opportunities report (2016 – 2020) intends to give you an in-depth analysis of LEDs current market size, market share, growth, and how it affects the industry economically. Continue reading

New Applications For LED Technology

LED street lighting , LED lighting californiaLED technology is continually evolving and is now nothing like how it was when the idea was conceived. Not only have the lights become more energy efficient, but cheaper as well for the average person to afford. The Lightfair International trade show is one such platform where you can find out what’s new in the LED world. Continue reading

Solar Power and the LED Lighting Industry

outdoor LED lighting with solar powerOver the last few years, LEDs have been on the upward trend. In fact, we can now see them starting to push out traditional technologies in a wide range of sectors, including street, decorative, and automotive lighting. Despite the milestones made, there are still various LED projects underway that are set to change the industry in a host of positive ways. Continue reading