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Everything You Should Know About LED Lighting Retrofits

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Municipal LED Lighting is The Green Solution

Thinking about upgrading to LED retrofits? There is a lot to know about retrofitting your facility and converting your light sources to LED. Retrofitting makes reference to bringing in a new component that was previously not there; when it comes to lighting, most current retrofits occur when consumers make the conversion to LED.

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New Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting Promotes LEDs

The White House has just stepped up its push for energy-efficient lighting with its “Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting”

LED Roadway Lighting

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The Challenge implements the Outdoor Lighting Accelerator, a program to focus on overcoming barriers faced by states and local governments in upgrading to more efficient lighting technologies for their streets, parking facilities, and recreation areas.

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LED Roadway Lighting Design – 3 Reasons Why It Works

Outdoor lighting design in California has been transformed at a blistering pace, thanks in large part to the revolution of LED lighting. Big state institutions, like Caltrans, are rapidly moving towards LED solutions, as are CA municipalities and large businesses. Continue reading