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7 Tips for LED Lighting Retrofits

outdoor led landscape lighting

How To Get the Most Out of Your LED Street Lighting Retrofit Project

Lighting is one of the most important factors in any commercial or residential project. No one wants to spend additional time and money constantly maintaining and replacing fixtures or bulbs that just can’t toe the line. LED lighting puts a stop to this and introduces a more efficient and cost-effective way to retrofit your current lighting schemes. If LED lighting sounds like a better option, then these 7 tips can help you to get the most out of your retrofit: Continue reading

California Calls For A Stop To Incandescent Bulbs

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LED Lighting in California Just Got Serious

California’s new ruling on the LED and light bulb laws have paved the way for newer, more efficient LED bulbs to take the place of traditional incandescents in 2018. Continue reading

Why White LED Outdoor Lighting?

How LED Landscape Lighting Turns White


LED lighting is monochromatic. Technically speaking, this means it emits electromagnetic radiation in a very narrow band of wavelengths. From a lighting engineering standpoint, this factor makes LEDs ideal for colored lighting applications, such as signs and traffic lights.

However, if you want to use LEDs as a general light source, white light is preferable. Fortunately, LEDs can produce white light with the right modifications. Continue reading

Guide to Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

How to Decorate Outdoor Landscapes with LED Lighting

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You’d love to invest in LED landscape lighting for your business, home or city, but you’re a bit confused by “best practices.” Outdoor LED lighting can boost the security of your premises, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and even improve safety on your property, but you want to feel assured that an LED investment makes sense. Continue reading