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3 Ways to Improve Landscape Lighting Design

decorative outdoor LED landscape lighting CaliforniaWe all know that lighting is an important part of designing a landscape. Most people dedicate a lot of time to making sure their outdoor lighting looks amazing, because they know it provides a certain aesthetic and makes the outdoors safer at nighttime. When it comes to outdoor landscaping, lighting is going to take center stage in a number of ways.   Continue reading

Let Your Business Shine with Beautiful LED Bollards

LED Landscape Lighting Combines Beautiful Style with Efficiency

Landscaping Lighting

Like the cover of a book, the exterior of your business paints an impression in people’s minds. Maintenance and landscaping are key components to presenting the right tone for clients and guests; to that end, LED lighted bollards and landscape lighting can take your presence from “nice” to “amazing.” Continue reading

How to Get the Most Out of an LED Lighting Replacement Project

LED Outdoor Lighting Experts Shares Its Proficiency

Outdoor Lighting DesignUpgrading to LED lighting is a smart business move, given that the energy savings pay for the installation in a short time. Following are suggestions to maximize the benefits you receive from this project.
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Changing the Golf Game: Why Golf Courses Need LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting for Golf Courses

outdoor lighting designNight lighting at a golf course serves several purposes. First, it can open up the beauty of the landscaping to golfers, as well as to people who drive past your premises. Night lighting also allows golf-related businesses to stay open later, and it offers time-strapped golfers more accommodating hours, which can in turn inspire them to play 18 holes, in spite of their busy schedules. Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting for Commercial Projects

Outdoor LED lighting projects have exploded in popularity, especially in California and Nevada, over the past several years. LED solutions are often more versatile, longer lasting, cheaper (over the long-term), more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting schemes. Whether you’re a municipal officer in charge of beautifying a road system in your community, or you’re an executive looking to remodel your company’s outdoor campus, the team here at Great Basin Lighting can help you explore decorative lighting poles and other elements for your project. Continue reading

Roadways and Landscape Lighting Techniques

Outdoor LED landscape lighting in California can create a rich tapestry of textures to make your business or city look more beautiful, feel safer, and save money and energy. Lighting specialists have developed an amazing array of techniques to generate cool effects. Here are a few: Continue reading