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LED Lighting Distribution Types and Benefits

Important Outdoor LED Lighting Information to Consider

Municipal LED street lighting California

An outdoor LED lighting solution can provide energy efficiency and brilliant light for many different settings. Before investing in this technology, however, Bay Area companies and municipalities should take the time to understand the distribution types. Review and understand these before pitching any stakeholders or investing in LED solutions for your outdoor space:

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Custom Street Lighting for the Bay Bridge by Valmont

LED Lights Brighten the Bridge

LED Street Lighting

Image via Caltrans

If you’ve driven through the San Francisco Bay Area recently, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge. The lighting poles for the new span’s cutting edge lighting was fabricated by Valmont Industries. Continue reading

LED Roadway Lighting Design – 3 Reasons Why It Works

Outdoor lighting design in California has been transformed at a blistering pace, thanks in large part to the revolution of LED lighting. Big state institutions, like Caltrans, are rapidly moving towards LED solutions, as are CA municipalities and large businesses. Continue reading

Caltrans Approved LED Luminaries and Street Lighting

Decorative LED Lighting Poles in California and Nevada

LED street lighting in California and Nevada is gaining momentum, and we here at Great Basin Lighting are thrilled. We’ve long touted the extra efficiency, low cost, and easy maintenance of LEDs versus incandescent technology. Continue reading