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What is Li-Fi? Information at the Speed of Light

California & Nevada Lighting Design

Visible Light Communication (VLC) may challenge Wi-Fi for speed, security and quantity of data transmission. Specifically, Li-Fi technology will utilize LED lights in offices, homes, and communities to stream data faster and more efficiently than current technologies.

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Traffic Safety and Security Benefits of LED Roadway Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting for Safety

Street and walkway lighting can dramatically reduce automobile accidents and improve personal safety. Advancements in outdoor LED lighting projects will make roads and sidewalks even safer for drivers and pedestrians.

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How California Municipalities Can Prepare For El Niño

California Municipalities Bracing for Heavy El Niño Rainy Season

LED Street Lighting San Francisco

Weather experts predict a strong El Niño that will persist throughout the winter and into the spring. Locally, El Niño means strong winds and heavy rain, so California municipalities need to prepare accordingly. Continue reading

Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Community

LED Municipal Lighting

Whether you’re on a municipal committee or you’re a policy person searching for ways to beautify your business or home, consider changing to a green outdoor lighting solution. LEDs are simple to operate and cost-effective. They can reduce your maintenance fees, improve energy usage, create a safer environment, and even lead to a more communal feeling.

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LED Roadway Lighting Design – 3 Reasons Why It Works

Outdoor lighting design in California has been transformed at a blistering pace, thanks in large part to the revolution of LED lighting. Big state institutions, like Caltrans, are rapidly moving towards LED solutions, as are CA municipalities and large businesses. Continue reading

Caltrans Approved LED Luminaries and Street Lighting

Decorative LED Lighting Poles in California and Nevada

LED street lighting in California and Nevada is gaining momentum, and we here at Great Basin Lighting are thrilled. We’ve long touted the extra efficiency, low cost, and easy maintenance of LEDs versus incandescent technology. Continue reading

LED Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Why You Should Use LED Lighting

You’re on the fence about investing in LED light bulbs. You’ve heard that they save energy, that they are “good for the planet,” and that people enjoy their lambent glow. Yet you’re not sure whether to “make the switch” and leave the comfort zone of traditional incandescents. Continue reading