Outdoor Lighting Design Facilitates Solar LED

Street lights are crucial to road safety at night, but illumination costs tend to greatly impact power grids and our economy. Substantial amounts of energy are wasted and millions of dollars spent to power conventional HID lamps used to light up the streets. Solar-powered LED lighting offers the perfect solution to municipalities for providing better visibility, sustainability, energy-efficiency, and requiring very little maintenance.

If LED roadway lighting becomes the new standard, we can all look forward to a brighter future.

LEDs make wise use of valuable resources. Energy consumption is very low, using only a fraction of what’s usually hogged by traditional street lighting. LED utilizes merely half the power of fluorescents, one-fifth of incandescents, and a third of HID lamps. An LED light delivers approximately 100+ Lumens per Watt and disperses light uniformly where it is required, rather than unnecessarily scattering light across different areas.

LEDs emit whiter light. With a high CRI or color rendering index, LED light sources provide illumination that’s closest to natural light. Streets become safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists with a clearer view of the road as dark spots or shadows are eliminated.

LEDs provide instant illumination. Advanced technology LED lighting don’t have any warm up time. The lamps can be dimmed and switched back to full lighting according to expected foot and vehicle traffic.

LEDs are eco-friendly. What makes LED the ideal green outdoor lighting is that it contains none of the toxic elements used in traditional lighting such as mercury or metal halide. What’s more, brighter lights with better distribution reduces the number of actual light fixtures to install. Fewer resources will be likewise spent on manufacturing, packaging materials, and transportation.

LED lighting has remarkable lifespan. LEDs produce consistent quality lighting for 50,000-100,000 hours, meaning less frequent replacements and more savings, time and money-wise, throughout 15-20 years of use!

All these qualities make municipal LED street lighting the ideal choice. Enter solar-powered LEDs. Carbon footprint is further lowered with street lights operating completely off the grid. Efficiency increases a multifold without even needing electricity to produce light nor experiencing AC power losses.

LED Lighting in California & Nevada

Switching one standard street light to the more efficient solar-powered LED light can make a difference. Removing massive numbers of street lights from the grid and powering by solar will save beyond money and time. Think about how much our cities can change when local streets and highways adapt to LED lighting technology!

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