The advancement of small cell poles and 5g technology is not exclusive to the US; in fact, smart cell applications are gaining momentum across the globe. The potential poised of 5g smart poles promises saving valuable resources, which makes it relevant and vital for any community or municipality.

To demonstrate these advanced smart city technologies, take a look at their benefits globally, such as in India:

Public Health

It is estimated that around seven million people die annually due to air pollution, with the majority of cases in India and China. By using smart cell poles and 5g technology, the burden of pollution is reduced significantly, creating a healthier environment for the entire country.

Traffic Control

Have you ever visited or driven in India? The traffic congestion appears maddening and difficult- if not impossible- to manage effectively. With high technology come drones that deliver and evaluate traffic from the best possible viewpoints.


Automation seems like a given, which may include robotics to help with everyday living in the bustling urban regions across India. It is these cities that are becoming models for future applications, like robots integrated in social spaces for a wide range of functions.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles promise a reduction in the rigors and resources associated with gas and petrol to keep motorists going. In fact, a major rail company in India has partnered with a manufacturer of electric vehicles to create public transportation solutions for Indian commuters that is less harsh on the environment and that decreases the country’s carbon footprint.

Waste Management

Waste management has historically had challenges across this country, but smart technology changes things for the better. Automated trash and waste removal allows for self-driving trucks that require little to no human operation.

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