Outdoor LED Lighting Projects Contribute to California’s Renewable Energy Plan

LED Lighting in California Helps Save Billions!

Decorative fluted lighting and Traffic poles California

In January 2015, Gov. Jerry Brown set new targets to increase the use of renewable energy, decrease the use of petroleum, and increase energy efficiency in California. Analysts estimate these new initiatives will save the state an amazing $51 billion every year.

One way that California is reaching its goals to increase energy efficiency is by using LED outdoor lighting. Caltrans, the state agency in charge of California’s highways, has been replacing conventional lights with more efficient LED lights throughout the highway system. So far, LED lights have replaced conventional red lights, red arrows, and red upraised hands graphics in traffic signals, with green and yellow light replacements to follow.

Caltrans is also updating its outdoor lighting design by incorporating LED luminaries into its road lighting. This process will confer several significant advantages. The LED lights…

  • Increase visibility for drivers at night;
  • Lower the amount of energy used;
  • Reduce the need for maintenance; and
  • Last longer than conventional lights.

In addition, LED lighting does not contain the hazardous materials found in conventional lighting, such as mercury or lead, which pose serious environmental dangers. Therefore, LED lights are not only more efficient, but they provide a safer alternative as well.

LED Roadway Lighting for Caltrans and Businesses Saves Energy and Money

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