Green Outdoor Lighting Improves Safety

2013 Super Bowl New Orleans. The stadium was plunged into darkness, halting the biggest match of the year for close to 40 minutes. Things would have been different had the stadium employed LED lighting. Firstly, the abnormality in power could have been detected early in the LED central system and repairs made with no downtime.

Then again, turning them back on would have been instantaneous. Unlike metal halide, lights that take longer to warm up, LED lights have zero warm-up time. That makes LED lights the most reliable for safety and security of the public in parks and in the streets.

Cities across the world are concerned with two things; safety of their residents and economic growth. LED lighting is the master key to realizing these aspirations.

Instant and even brightness

LED lights can reach full brightness instantaneously when turned on. You don’t have to wait for half an hour. Since they also produce little light spill and sky glow, it makes them perfect for park lighting. People can then feel safe to stay out late working or being entertained thus improving the economy.

Smart motion sensors

Beyond instant brightness, motion detectors and sensors that can be installed together with California LED lighting, for increased security and safety. Los Angeles, California is a city in the limelight for embracing LED lighting. This city has also incorporated gunshot detectors in street LED lights in high-risk areas. When the sensors in the LED lights detect a gunshot, they automatically alert emergency centers for police and ambulance response.

Energy savings

Municipal LED lighting is the way to go. It is estimated that by the year 2050, 60% of the world’s population will be living in the cities. This, however, will put a lot of pressure on power for street lighting. LED lighting can be used for efficiency. With convenient controls, cities can rent arenas and stadia to people who will then manage the lighting from their mobile devices. One can even choose just to light up a fraction of a stadium depending on the purpose.

Security risk prediction

Then again, with LED systems, the sensors can check traffic and pedestrian movement and give prompt alerts about activities that pose a threat to safety. The same is true for environmental pollution and earthquakes among other safety risks. Los Angeles has employed outdoor lighting designs that can enhance cell phone coverage for residents through LED lights with 4G LTE.

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