Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting to Save and Impress

Long Term Benefits of Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting and Street Lighting


Lincoln, California Outdoor LED Lighting Project ©2015 Great Basin Lighting

Whether you’re a property manager searching for ways to improve your campus or a Bay Area municipal officer hope to control utility costs, you’re considering investing in landscape lighting. You want to choose an option that is both aesthetically appealing and affordable. One intelligent way to impress your residents and potential commercial tenants and ensure low energy bills is with outdoor LED landscape lighting solutions.

LED lighting offers a number of benefits to consumers that make it the perfect choice for virtually any outdoor landscaping project. When compared to halogen or traditional lighting options, LED lighting reduces your energy costs by up to 80 percent or even more, according to several peer reviewed studies. In addition, by many objective measures, LED lighting can be considered more environmentally friendly than other options. It also requires very little maintenance, and you can find solutions in a practically limitless number of styles to meet you needs.

Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

Outdoor LED lighting projects are typically more expensive than traditional lighting options during the initial installation period. However, the amount of money you can save in maintenance and energy expenses should make up for this extra cost quickly and lead to substantial savings over the life of the project. In addition, since you won’t need to repair or replace these fixtures as often, you will save on maintenance, time spent managing maintenance, and operating costs for years to come.

Great Basin Lighting’s Custom Design and Installation Boosts Community Aesthetics and Value

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